Industrial Automation & Ethernet

This module provides an introduction to how advanced manufacturing is based on automation all connected via Industrial Ethernet.


This module explains the main tenets of PROFINET as a protocol and other foundational topics to understand how it works.

Naming & Addressing

Every device on a PROFINET network has a Device Name and an IP address. This module describes the means and methods of assignment.

PROFINET Diagnostics

Comprehensive diagnostics are one of the core pieces of any Industrial Ethernet protocol to minimize and downtime.


Despite the breadth and depth of the PROFINET protocol, not all of its features are required for implementation; some can be used optionally.

Application Profiles

Application Profiles take standardization a step further beyond the interoperability provided by PROFINET.

Functional Safety

In certain industries, functional safety is of immense importance -PROFIsafe allows this to be achieved on an existing automation network.

Process Automation

PROFINET for Process Automation means bringing the richness and ease-of-use of Ethernet to instrumentation.

System Redundancy

System Redundancy takes expands upon media redundancy to include devices and controllers for maximum uptime.

PROFINET Development

Adding a PROFINET interface to an automation product is easy and future-proof.


A glossary of terms is provided for reference here.