Wireless PROFINET – Architectures

Wireless Architectures When speaking about wireless PROFINET communications for industrial automation, there are a variety of architectures available depending on the application. Overall, there are four main possible architectures: Point to Point Point to multipoint (Infrastructure) Wireless distributed system Mesh  Also, there is an option between Wifi or Bluetooth. PROFINET devices with Wifi/Bluetooth capabilities are readily available by a variety of vendors. […]

Industrial Automation Wireless Types

One of our pet peeves is when we hear about people lumping all wireless types together and treating them as one.  Wireless is not one monolithic thing, there are four wireless types, or use-cases in industrial automation: 1. Backhaul (as ISA characterizes it) Typically this is long distance, point to point radio bringing data from a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) perhaps at a wellhead […]

Wireless PROFINET overview

A great advantage of PROFINET over some other competing automation networks is the included support in the specification of wireless technology and most importantly the Industrial features available. This opens up a wide variety of applications which are very difficult or impossible when it comes to normal copper cabling.  Some of these applications might be Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), slip rings, a rough environment, shipping and […]