PROFINET Development

Getting Started with PROFINET Development

We need to put PROFINET on our device.  Where do we start? This is a question we field nearly every week, and this section gives you the background, resources and contacts to get up and moving with your PROFINET project. There are lot of resources out there explaining the process of developing a PROFINET product.  In addition to PROFINET University, […]

PROFINET Implementation Types

We’re going to put PROFINET on our product.  How should we go about it? Once you’ve figured out what PROFINET features you need to implement on your product, the next question is how those features should be implemented.  There are four options, three of which are viable: Drop an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) on your PCB to handle your […]

Designing Alarms for PROFINET Devices

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from the PROFINET Developer Workshop offered by the PROFI Interface Center.  For more information on this or other advanced topics, contact them at [email protected] Alarms, Diagnostics, Errors… these terms get thrown around a lot when people discuss how to communicate when bad things happen on the network.  But what do they really mean? […]


PROFINET Commander is one of many PROFINET tools available that provides value to a variety of users interested in interacting with PROFINET devices. For automation product developers, it provides the ability to quickly test a new device or system under development. Meanwhile vendor salespeople can demonstrate a product without extra hardware. End-user engineers can configure a device to check before employing […]