Device Names

PROFINET Device Names

What’s the MAC address of the device you are viewing this from? The IP Address? What’s your name? The easiest of all those to remember is your name, mine is PNC for short. PROFINET device names are used for the same reasons.

PROFINET Naming Convention

The number one rule-of-thumb, which you should never forget when commissioning a PROFINET system: make sure to assign the device name from your engineering tool (or setup auto commissioning). Here is the PROFINET Naming Convention list to help you out.

PROFINET Naming Conversions

In our last article on PROFINET naming conventions, we gave you the basis naming conventions and the network representation of the PROFINET device names.  However it should be pointed out that PROFINET devices can be named just about anything in the engineering tools as the name will be converted automatically by the PROFINET tool into a network representative format using PROFINET naming conversions.  […]